Research and conservation

The KMSKA is the only Flemish museum with a scientific status. We are not only responsible for maintaining, managing and expanding the collection. We also conduct scientific research into the works, techniques used, color and visual language ...

The KMSKA is the knowledge center for the works of art in the rich museum collection. Our scientific team focuses on material technical and art history research. You can consult information about the works and their history online via the collection catalog

Ensor, Rubens & the Antwerp baroque

With the largest Ensor collection in the world, we play a pioneering role in James Ensor's research into the creative process. In the research on Rubens and the Antwerp baroque, we form an important pivot, together with our Antwerp partners.

We have been the driving force behind the Rubensbulletin. In our online catalog you can consult the volumes published from 2007 to 2012.


The museum's restoration studio is running at full speed. A team of conservators works at a solid pace to preserve and restore the works of art from the collection. After all, they have to shine again at the reopening of the museum building.


As a scientific institution, KMSKA cooperates with universities, research centers, scientific working groups and numerous (international) museums. We work together with, among others, the University of Antwerp, the Rubenianum and the Flemish Art Collection.