Donations & bequests 

There are no fewer than 406 of them: benefactors who have given the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp an important boost through donation or bequest. Since the museum's foundation, art-loving benefactors have built up the collection and the future of the KMSKA.

Out of love for the arts

That is what motivates every patron. Only thanks to the art-loving benefactors of the past can the KMSKA be so inspiring in the present. This fine tradition is alive and well. For even today, the KMSKA regularly receives gifts, donations and bequests from individuals with a soft spot for the arts, for our collection and our museum.

This patronage takes many forms. Together with us, you help us to realise our plans and dreams. Thanks to your generosity, we are able to set up impressive projects, restore works, carry out pioneering art research, develop educational programmes, optimise our public outreach, etc.

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Project patronage

The KMSKA also initiates many artistic projects. Just like our works of art, these take many forms. As a patron, you can commit to a specific project that is perfectly suited to your specific interests. Or one that is aimed at a target group for which you have a great affinity.

How does it work? 

You select a specific project that is in the pipeline at the KMSKA. Together we then work out an approach. This is how we arrive at a tailor-made sponsorship.

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Donations of art works

Fouquet's Madonna, the great highlights of our Ensor collection, the public favourites from the Wouters Ensemble... what do they have in common? The KMSKA acquired them through donations. Without benefactors, the KMSKA collection would be considerably smaller. No fewer than 2.000 works were acquired through donation or bequest.

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Would you like to live an artistic afterlife? It is a beautiful way to be remembered eternally. Consider Florent van Ertborn (1784-1840). No one bequeathed as many works of art to the museum as he did. Ever since, many collectors have followed in Florent's footsteps and donated important works to the museum. Collector François Franck left us several Ensors, Ludo van Bogaert ensured that the KMSKA today possesses the most representative ensemble by Rik Wouters in the world.

Even today, we still regularly receive bequests or legacies from people who are fond of the museum and our collection. Thanks to these contributions, it is possible to carry out research, produce publications, carry out restorations, organise exhibitions or expand our collection with new works of art.

Would you like to bequeath a legacy?

Would you like to include the KMSKA in your will? In this way, your love for the arts will live on. For generations. Moreover, in doing so you decide where (part of) your assets go after your departure.

How do you bequeath a legacy? 

A bequest can be made via a will that you have drawn up officially through a notary/lawyer. In your will, you name the KMSKA as your beneficiary. The bequest can consist of a sum of money, real estate, movable assets (e.g. an art collection or works of art), or a securities portfolio. In your communication with a notary/lawyer, you can provide the following administrative information:

vzw Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen

company number: 0725 891 877

registered office at Plaatsnijdersstraat 2, 2000 Antwerp

account number: BE97 375 111 760 449

Every donation to KMSKA makes a real difference

Small or large. With the funds we receive, we can make our collection even more beautiful and set up new educational programmes. Together!

The proof? With the donations we received in 2020, we are restoring several important works. ‘Light’ by Jules Schmalzigaug was restored and now glows as bright as ever. Thanks to an extensive restoration financed by a patron. As a result of the restoration, the painting is once again gaining power. A new layer of varnish provides extra protection and makes the colours stand out even more.

""It gives me great satisfaction to be able to contribute to the collection of the KMSKA. Supporting the restoration of this extraordinary painting by Jules Schmalzigaug is a unique opportunity to learn more about the artist's work and life. The KMSKA team supervised the entire process professionally and thoughtfully, for which we are grateful. " "
- The patron who facilitated the restoration of 'Light' by Jules Schmalzigaug.

Located at the top of the entrance stairway to the museum is perhaps the finest art mosaic in the country. The Mosaico di Due mosaic studio laid a 76 m2 puzzle of 480,000 tesserae, based on a design by artist Marie Zolamian. The bequest of art aficionado and friend of the museum Richard Vander Linden provided the necessary funds to create this unique art mosaic.

Light - Jules Schmalzigaug
Detail of the art mosaic - Design by Marie Zolamian

Donate now

Every donation to KMSKA makes a substantial difference: small or large. With the contributions we receive, we can make our collection even more beautiful and set up new educational programmes!

Fiscally deductible

By donating, you help build our collection. So that generations to come can continue to enjoy our art to the full. 

Your advantage? Donations to the KMSKA are fiscally deductible. Do you donate at least 40 euros a year to the KMSKA? Then you are entitled to a tax certificate. This allows you to enjoy tax benefits - both as a private individual and as a self-employed entrepreneur.

How it works

You can make a donation to the museum's current account: BE97 3751 1176 0449. Please include the following statement in the transfer notice: 'Gift KMSKA'.